PROTECSYS provides professional video surveillance systems

PROTECSYS is the ideal partner for the installation of your professional video surveillance systems since 2015, regardless of the size of your company or business. We provide you with state-of-the-art surveillance solutions, with high-performance video surveillance equipment tailored to your specific needs.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to installing your video surveillance system in compliance with the highest security standards. We adapt to the technical constraints of your buildings to ensure optimal operation and maximum efficiency.

Video Surveillance System Benefits

  • Crime Prevention and Deterrence
  • Enhanced Security
  • Evidence Collection
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Employee and Public Safety
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Loss Prevention
  • Remote Notifications and Alerts
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Peace of Mind
  • Employee and customer safety
  • Operations management
With our expertise, we can install video surveillance systems in sensitive environments such as embassies, storage and transportation areas, business premises, small and medium-sized businesses and much more. You can also remotely access the images captured by your surveillance system for 24/7 monitoring.

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Making Your Life Safer

We provide customized security solutions to help protect your people and property.
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Video Surveillance System

1. Crime Deterrence: Simply having visible cameras can deter criminals from committing wrongdoing.
2. Investigative assistance: In the event of a criminal act, video surveillance recordings can provide crucial evidence to help police investigate the incident and identify the perpetrators.
3. Property protection: CCTV cameras can monitor buildings, equipment and storage areas for attempted theft, intrusion or vandalism.
4. Employee and customer safety: Surveillance cameras can help prevent assaults and protect employees and customers by monitoring high-risk areas.
5. Operations management: Video surveillance cameras can help monitor business operations to improve efficiency and productivity. For example, they can help identify bottlenecks in production processes or monitor inventory levels.

However, it is important to note that the installation of a video surveillance device must be done in accordance with local privacy laws and regulations. It is also essential to ensure the security of the data collected, stored and processed by the video surveillance device to avoid any privacy or data breach.